Biomimicry Design

Our farms are inspired by nature’s most elegant designs and structures. Each farm is its own terroir with growing recipes that tailor light, temperature, and nutrients to ensure the maximum natural expression of each plant.

The design of our growing-tray follows the sunflower’s seed pattern. Not only is it beautiful, this design also allows us to harvest fresh greens every day. This is the journey from seed to your plate:


After sprouting and growing their first leaves in our nursery, the young seedlings are planted in the inner circle of the tray. Here they begin their journey to your plate.


The seedlings slowly travel outwards towards the edge of the tray. As they progress through the various growth stages they are given more space to develop their leaves.


Each stage of growth requires specific growing conditions. Our spiral allows us to optimise the growing recipe to the maturity of the plants.


After spending 3-4 weeks growing and moving through the spiral, the mature plants are harvested by our infarmers.


Fresh greens bursting with infarm's Original Taste. Unleash your creativity and start cooking!