Planting the seeds for the future of food

In the last century traditional farming has changed beyond recognition. Industrial farming was developed to produce high volumes of food for a rapidly expanding population, but with soil degradation, water waste and plant diseases on the up we are ready to take the next step in improving the planet’s food systems.
At infarm, rather than trying to fix the current supply chain we are redefining it. Instead of building large-scale farms in hard-to-reach rural locations, optimising on a specific yield, and then distributing the produce, we are distributing our farms themselves throughout the city. Farming directly where we live and eat.

city farm Berlin

Designed to effortlessly plug into the city’s existing infrastructure, our modular farms can be stacked to fit any given space perfectly.  You can find our 100 infarms growing across Berlin in supermarket aisles, restaurant kitchens, and distribution warehouses. The individual farms are connected through our central farming platform and act as one to create the world’s largest urban farm: production capacity equal to 30,000 m2 of farmland that uses 95% less water, 75% less fertilisers, and zero chemical pesticides. We remotely control the performance of our farm at all times, so your plants receive the best care as they grow.