Infarm Chervil


Also known as French parsley or garden chervil, it is a delicate annual herb similar to parsley. Chervil is most commonly used to season mild dishes and is a key ingredient in classic French seasoning mix “fines herbes”. The herb is also linked to Easter celebrations in some parts of Europe as its flavor and fragrance resemble that of myrrh.


The herb’s lace-like texture is complemented by its subtle aniseed flavor.


Adding a little chervil to your diet could help reduce fluid retention in the body, reduce coughs, improve digestive issues and even lower high blood pressure.

Kitchen Use

Chervil pairs especially well with lighter proteins such as eggs and fish, as well as being a welcome addition to asparagus, potatoes, and more delicate sauces. This herb is at its best when super fresh, so be sure to add it as close to the end of the cooking process as possible.

Chervil taste profile