Infarm Citrus Stardust

Citrus Stardust

Also known as Marigold, Citrus Stardust is a plant native to the Americas. An important culinary herb in Peru, Ecuador, as well as parts of Chile and Bolivia, it is used to make an intensely aromatic cream called Huacatay.


The mixture of anise and tarragon aromas are derived from the anethole and estragole organic compounds. The taste of it's fresh leaves bring to mind sweet basil, tarragon, mint, citrus, and ripe tropical fruit.


Known for its antiviral effects, citrus stardust can be used as a warm medicinal tea for common colds and digestive complaints.

Kitchen Use

Citrus Stardust is the perfect substitute for coriander. Loved for its distinct fruity notes and cool clean quality, Citrus Stardust is especially delicious in ceviche, desserts, or as a marinade for lamb, fish, and chicken.

Citrus Stardust taste profile