Infarm Green Shiso

Green Shiso

A member of the popular mint family, Green Shiso is native to China and India. However, it was cultivated in Japan in the 9th Century where it received the name: ‘Shiso’.


Packed with floral notes and pronounced flavors of cumin, this herb blends a pleasantly herbaceous and spicy aroma with peppery flavors.


According to Chinese Classics, the pharmaceutical compounds of Shiso were used to treat symptoms of fish and crab poisoning. The aromatic substances of the leaf have also been proven to contain antidepressant and anti-stress properties.

Kitchen Use

While the Japanese enjoy Shiso with seafood and grilled meats, it is also perfect as a flavor inducing ingredient for non-Asian dishes. Add it to slightly heated butter before making an omelet and notice how it’s volatile aromas leak into the dish.

Green Shiso taste profile